Tom Barber and Sandra Westland at Hypnosis Colchester have written a number of books that can help you take control of your mind and create the future you desire.


In their latest book on trauma and PTSD, Tom and Sandra offer practical menthods to help overcoming the impact of trauma, including their Trauma Movement Model, a powerful process that helps withe the various stages of trauma, leading to post traumatic growth. – ORDER HERE


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Tom and Sandra’s first book Thinking Therapeutically received international acclaim as a breakthrough in understanding what really happens in the process of therapy and in the therapist’s thinking as they engage with their clients.

“The descriptions are so clear, readers can easily model them. In fact, the day I read about “the library” regression method, I used it on a client with success!! – ​Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D. – ORDER HERE

Healing-From-The-Other-Side-Barber-Westland-3D-50Tom and Sandra move deep into the world of Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Healing from the Other Side, where they write about exciting subjects such as time distortion, karma, genetic memory and other important aspects in the work of past life transpersonal therapy, PLTT. – ORDER HERE


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The Book on Back Pain is an essential read for the many millions of people who dream of finding chronic pain relief. It will show you how to tap into and unlock the remarkable potential of your mind and then, through a UNIQUE step-by-step process, harness its creative power to gain you the ultimate back pain and sciatica relief.

Tom’s 8 step process is a new, fast and easy way to get the back pain relief you crave. Learn “a powerful programme of self-care that you can control, grow and master for the rest of your life.” – Raymond Aaron – NY Times Bestselling Author – ORDER HERE

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In Sandra’s (and Audio) book Smashing Your Glass Ceiling, she reveals specific methods on how to control your mind to create a desired outcome – no matter the current circumstances at hand. Sandra will guide you through her unique 7-level alignment technique and this almost immediately stops procrastination and creates new passion, more energy, and unending drive.

“This book takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. I wish this book had been written 10 years ago, to have helped me clarify in a clear and practical way.”
– Karen Francis, Mind and Behavioural Expert – Surrey – ORDER HERE

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Tom and Sandra have co-authored The Authorities along with Dr. John Gray, the NY Times bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason. John and Marci are both stars of the hit movie The Secret.

In this book learn how to get more happiness in love, sex and relationships, evolve your consciousness, de-clutter your mind and fulfil your life! – ORDER HERE

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The Midas Touch, Tom and Sandra’s latest book with NY Times Bestselling Author Joe Vitale has become an Amazon number 1 bestseller.

Millions of people around the world have discovered the power of The Law of Attraction. They’ve learned that through their thoughts, actions, and beliefs they can create their own reality. Each and every component of your life experience is attracted to you. This gives you tremendous power over your present and your future.

Regardless of where you are on your path, The Midas Touch is rich with practices, advice, insight, and stories that can help you achieve results faster. You already possess everything you need to achieve your ideal life and vision of success, and to unlock your future. The Midas Touch is a gift to yourself as well as an investment in your abundant future.​​ ORDER HERE