Fear of Flying Season and Thomas Cook


We have been through the busiest time of year for people seeking help from us for a fear of flying, or aerophobia . The results, as they are each year, have been heart warming, and it is always wonderful to hear stories from people that have not only made it to their destination without any anxiety or panic attacks, or the need for medication, but have returned home and have already booked their next trip away, excited at their new found sense of freedom – fear of flying a thing of the past.

With the news of the collapse of Thomas Cook, the last few days have for many people exacerbated their anxiety around flying and traveling in general. What if they arrive at the airport and their flight has been cancelled? Or worse, what if they arrive at their destination and cannot then get back home? There was a story on a news programme describing how dangerous it was for pilots to learn of the devastating news of their job loss mid-flight.

All of these concerns have of course taken on a new meaning with Thomas Cook’s demise, with the reality of the possibility of peoples worry’s coming true now more profound in peoples minds.

Thankfully, there is something that can be done with this, as treatment for all types of phobia, but especially flying phobia, takes into account the multitude of things that could go wrong, which often all get lumped together, forming the overpowering fear in the first place.

In doing this through the initial exploration, and then incorporating more confidence in the desired outcome, and personal power to deal with things that don’t go to plan, you would be ready for all eventualities.

If you have been impacted by the recent news, or are suffering from a fear of flying, then we can help. Usually we’d need just a few sessions to help you really be prepared mentally, and to easily cope when events such as Thomas Cook’s suddenly arise.

To find out more, contact us today, and get ready to make the world your oyster!


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