5 reasons you over-eat

Most people when over-eating don’t really know the cause. It is important to look at what is driving you to do the things that you do with regards to your eating habits.

How people often work:

  • They bury their head in the sand.
  • They paper the cracks.
  • They go outside and look for the cause of the leak that is inside the house!

Looking at why will be more effort at first, but can give you long-term peace of mind.

1. The Subconscious Process

Emotions or events too painful for the conscious mind to process are locked in the subconscious. They dictate behaviour because the subconscious tries to not let the pain happen again. When the emotional pain is in childhood, but no longer exists, this causes unwanted irrational behaviour, such as over-eating.

2. Through the Generations

If a parent has a need to be needed, this can lead to being overprotective towards the children. The child will then possibly lack confidence. An over protective parent will often over feed their child which then leads to poor eating habits.

3. Fat and the Fear of Failure

Being over weight expresses a fear of failure and leads to forming negative automatic thoughts such as:

“I could get a job if I wasn’t overweight.”
“I would be in the mood for sex if I wasn’t so big.”

It can be a convenient thing to blame for failing or not even trying. The fat is therefore doing something useful.

4. Comfort Eating

Remember in childhood when you had a treat and why. Look for the emotional link. Eating can be used to smother emotions. Food can also be used to make up for lack of pleasant emotions and also to smother unpleasant ones. Binging blocks everything out.

5. Meaning of food in childhood

Remember this one … “You are not leaving the table until you have eaten everything”.

Find the sentences attached to your childhood eating patterns and change them.

Once you change your beliefs, you change your reality.

Make a “I am fed up …” list

Picture in your mind a high calorie food that you want to cut out of your diet. Now associate with all the things you are utterly fed up with. Do this with all the foods that aren’t helping you to lose weight.

To get more help with this contact us or call on 01206 841650.

Tom & Sandra.


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