Welcome to Hypnosis Colchester, where we have been helping people just like you with Hypnotherapy for over 25 years.

If you have found this website then you might be looking for hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Colchester, or nearby, to overcome a behaviour that is stopping you living life in the way you want.

Maybe you want to lose some weight and get back in control of your eating habits. Possibly you have an addiction such as smoking, gambling or drug use which you just don’t want to be a part of your life. You might be suffering from insomnia and unable to get a good nights sleep. It could be a fear or phobia that you’ve really had enough of and want rid! These are the things that we help people with every day at Hypnosis Colchester.

It could be that you’re stressed and feeling anxiety which is stopping you from feeling enjoyment, or it could have gotten worse than that and you can’t see the point in anything anymore. Often this is the result of problems at work, or in a relationship. We work with this too.


Whatever is bothering you it is likely we have heard something similar, as we’ve been helping people just like you for a combined period of over 40 years to stop negative thoughts and feelings bringing you down.

What’s more, it doesn’t take months of therapy. Sometimes you will feel better after just one session of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It really can be that easy and fast!

From the thousands of clients we have seen from all over the world, we have developed a method that gets to the core of your behaviour, thoughts and feelings and helps you make the changes you’re wishing for.

Call us today on 07949 392248 or 01206 824579 (office) and let’s get started. We will be able to book your Hypnotherapy appointment this week and you will be overjoyed at the difference it will make. Call Hypnosis Colchester on 07949 392248 or 01206 824579 or contact us here

It’s private, confidential, and you will be delighted you made the decision to use Hypnotherapy to help you clear your past, and create your future, starting now.

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